Ideas Factory is a platform that unites active people in the country and abroad, who create аctives of connection there, where they are scarce – among generations, among disciplines, between the city and the village, between citizens and municipal authorities, between “center” and “periphery“. By building bridges of interaction there, where they are destroyed, we believe, that we are creating alternatives for a world that’s getting more radicalized, more isolated in “the bubbles of the single truth”, by substituting the fear with familiarization, with exploration, with the creation of new solutions. The Factory does that through various formats for creative interaction, from which quite specific solutions, which we support from the beginning to their realization, are born. Our initiatives Baba Residence, the Social Innovation Challenge and EMPATHEAST are our manifest for change that we need now: connection among disciplines, generations, ideas that make up the world such as we would live in: curious, nonjudgmental, creative.



The mission of the Ideas Factory is to use innovative approaches in order to awake the potential for social change of anyone who is willing to become a “Fabricator”. Our tools are non-formal education, creativity and the creation of networks of awesome people who can change things around them together. Our passion is to prove that there is a Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King or at least a Bill Drayton sleeping in each and every one of us. And even they need help to rise!



We believe in a world in which full-fledged self-expression will create multiple empowered communities – creators of their own destiny and not its consumers – people who are willing and able to actively make decisions about their futures and then create that future together. We believe that such a world is possible and that it is near.