От създаването си насам Фабриката си пожелава и полага усилия в поддържането на солидарна мрежа от хора, които са били или са част от постоянния екип и такива, които са пресичали променотворческия ни път за малко или продължават да го правят навременно.
С две думи, бивши фабриканти няма (освен ако те не изберат да са такива:))


Гергана Параскова



Velina Petrarka

Velina Petrarka

I have lived and worked abroad for a few years but felt like a strong force was pulling me back to Bulgaria. I couldn’t stay away, I wanted to be a part of the change which I noticed slowly happening in the country – this is how the Ideas Factory came into my life. Here I feel like I can actively take part in creating the reality I want to live in.

Екатерина Леондиева


Lina Slavova


My favourite thing in the world is communication. I love meeting new people, connecting them, doing something good together. This fills me up with endless enthusiasm and optimism.
Being part of organizations such as Ideas factory and Hamalogika, gives me hope that we can be in charge of The Ministry of universal happiness and usefulness ;) Soon.

Rosen Slavov


Count me in!
I am extremely influenced by the sea – inspiration, freedom, peace, reflection, freshness.
I have taken many different roads – economics, television, public administration, municipal work, management. Ultimately, culture has always come to my mind, just like a favorite number, in its free and pure form. We create culture – in communication, in behavior, in the examples we give. Culture is education and improvement.

Nikoleta Mancheva


Before choosing my new destination I traveled whole nine years in the widths and depths of event management and PR. After so many years in the corporate environment, I decided it was time to use my talent of organizer and communicator for social change. The event management has always been my passion, but I chose to apply it to real and hearty causes and I found the right place for this happening – Ideas Factory Association. Meeting new, impressive and crazy people is daily round here and it really fills me! Every day we learn a lot from each other, progress and make crazy things happen. Working in a creative environment and space where you can breathe deeply is true motivation for your brain.


Йоанна Иванова

Нора Минчева


Лили Костова

Елена Стойчева


Адриана Иванова

Емилиян Табаков