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In time of crisis arises a special need of rethinking and reorganizing...

Changemakers Academy Plovdiv 2014

Over 140 enthusiasts from different Bulgarian cities participated in the Social innovation...


We can’t wait to tell you what the Ideas Factory was involved...

Social Innovation Challenge

Six of the teams that participated in the Social Innovation Challengewill receive...

Why am I with the Ideas Factory?

  • My encounter with the “Factory” made me firstly more open to the people and secondly it strengthened my belief in myself and in the positive outcome of “whatever-it-is-that-I-am-doing”. This, of course significantly changes one’s way of thinking and doing things …more –>

  • Out of selfishness:) I prefer to communicate with intelligent, imaginative, artistic, cheerful people with a broad outlook, with a motivation to constantly upgrade to global innovations in the field of socially responsible behavior and lifelong learning. more –>

  • The Ideas Factory came unexpectedly and suddenly into my life. It marked, shaped and facilitated a significant change in my life’s path, the momentum of which still drives me forward. In a nutshell: before you – everything had turned gray, after you -the colors came back. more –>

  • Because working on each project is easy with a team like the one in the Factory, a team made of professionals hidden behind clown noses.
    Because in the working process you get to know new people, you even get to know yourself. more –>

  • What affected me most from my encounter with you was the conviction that any idea that comes out of the heart deserves attention and a chance for realization. It’s amazing when someone helps you to come to believe that dreams can come true with ease and a smile.more –>


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