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About us

icons_about_usThe Ideas Factory is a youth organization created by a group of enthusiasts at the end of 2006. It’s the offspring of the ‘Let’s Save Irakli” campaign which was initiated earlier that same year and which inspired the mentioned enthusiasts. The campaign proved and persuaded us irreversibly that when awesome people have an awesome cause and they add their creativity to the mixture the results are nothing but good and that changing the world around may prove to be fun. We are functioning as an actual organization (whit an office, interns and other marks of solidity) since 2011. Our interests and curiosity are aimed at the relationship between play (culture, art, non-formal education) and social change. We actively explore how through play we can catalyze positive change in public attitudes towards inclusion of young people in decision making, social entrepreneurship, civic education etc.

Our Mission

icons_misiaThe mission of the Ideas Factory is to use innovative approaches in order to awake the potential for social change of anyone who is willing to become a “Fabricator”. Our tools are non-formal education, creativity and the creation of networks of awesome people who can change things around them together. Our passion is to prove that there is a Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King or at least a Bill Drayton sleeping in each and every one of us. And even they need help to rouse!

Our Vision

icons_visionWe believe in a world in which full-fledged self-expression will create multiple empowered communities – creators of their own destiny and not its consumers – people who are willing and able to actively make decisions about their futures and than create that future together. We believe that such a world is possible and that it is near.

Our Place

icons_our_placeWe are proud that we have our own space for meetings and various cultural events such as screenings and discussions, a place known among our friends simply as “the Factory” (aka La Casa Azzurra). It exists thanks to more than 10 pairs of volunteer hands, and dozens of kilograms of clay, which can be found serving the role of wall plaster made from natural materials … take a look around –>