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Why am I with the Ideas Factory?

NadejdaMy encounter with the “Factory” made me firstly more open to the people and secondly it strengthened my belief in myself and in the positive outcome of “whatever-it-is-that-I-am-doing”. This, of course significantly changes one’s way of thinking and doing things – it is not the end of the world if something doesn’t work out, it is much more pleasant when everything works out as planned, people are just people and not some evil forces :). But if I should be more specific – I dared to apply for several programs that I had previously perceived as “hopeless”. I detailed several ludicrous ideas and presented them, almost fully comprehending their craziness, to organizations that might be able to implement them,. Some were rejected others – accepted. But above all I got in touch with other people who – apart from the practical help in the form of information and ideas in certain situations – are always there to give me a positive charge and to push me further into the madness!


LilyOut of selfishness:) I prefer to communicate with intelligent, imaginative, artistic, cheerful people with a broad outlook, with a motivation to constantly upgrade to global innovations in the field of socially responsible behavior and lifelong learning. Critical thinking is what unifies those involved in the factory, and the desire for change and problem-solving through unconventional and mostly artistic forms makes the fabricators not just dreamers, but real social architects. I like that most of the participants skillfully juggle with working from nine to five, family responsibilities and the various initiatives of the factory. For me the Ideas Factory is concentrated social elixir in a glocal (global and local) context, its consumption leads to personal development and to improvement of the surrounding environment. I am thankful that I’ve had the honor to participate in two international youth projects in Ireland and Portugal and in the Academy for Social Change – a priceless life experience and invaluable contacts with unique people.


Propose an idea

nikiBecause working on each project is easy with a team like the one in the Factory, a team made of professionals hidden behind clown noses.

Because in the working process you get to know new people, you even get to know yourself.

I encounter new ideas and dreams, the realization of which can be aided by me in one way or another and there is no greater reward than making a dream come true.


ДидоThe Ideas Factory came unexpectedly and suddenly into my life. It marked, shaped and facilitated a significant change in my life’s path, the momentum of which still drives me forward. In a nutshell: before you – everything had turned gray, after you -the colors came back. :) In addition to reencountering my own capabilities among you and within your mentoring environment, you gave me back and/or directed me towards my own desire for working on things that I myself like (in contrast to the routine and abiding trust in the anti-utopian worker’s everyday) – something that makes life pleasant, beautiful, unquenchable and smiling . And if that’s not enough, I am going to touch upon the fact that despite the fact that you don’t claim to cover any academic or formal standards, your professionalism and your level of knowledge transfer are such that I still haven’t found someone who can replicate them. Even though I dig my education here super-extremely-very much, as we know when the system grows beyond certain limits it goes into a cycle of regression and what’s next? It starts to ossify … that’s what the diagram said, didn’t it :).


MartaWhat affected me most from my encounter with you was the conviction that any idea that comes out of the heart deserves attention and a chance for realization. It’s amazing when someone helps you to come to believe that dreams can come true with ease and a smile. I liked how quickly one can find new friends – compeers when they are associated by the love for the work they are doing and when they are ready to help anyone who dream with love:) Now, a year after my Fabricator’s course, I come closer and closer to realizing the idea that I presented – “For {the love of} Sofia” and I am grateful to your team that I am part of the Ideas Factory – there no former members, right?;) We have been imprinted forever with eyes seeking the good and the opportunities that are in the world around us and within us, of course. :)