Intern graduates

Frederick Mayer

Student, International Development


I’ve always told myself that I was someone who was much more creative, inspired and even effective when I work with people than alone because I am an extrovert person. Now I think it is probably a universal thing that humans can achieve much more when they try to understand each other, help each other and work together.
I am a person who love life and especially love to discover what every culture has best to offer. That’s probably also why I was so happy to discover Ideas Factory: an association that fights to have a culture where people all love and accept each other.
I hope also that I will be able to take ideas, projects and new learnings and bring them back home with me, in Quebec.

Asta Slapikaite

Bachelor, International relations and development

Asta Slapikaite

Even though I am Lithuanian, the last years I have been quite a rare guest at home. Meanwhile, I tried to discover and learn more about different parts of the Europe and the World such as Moldova, Canada, Denmark and others. That is why now I am here in Bulgaria – a rich part of Balkans, especially talking about its culture, traditions, nature and people. During my internship at the Ideas Factory, I have realized that pure human-relations matter the most and if we just start to listen to our inner needs and observe environment around us more carefully – everything would become full of more empathy and understanding. I am very thankful for the whole Ideas Factory and its people for unforgettable and sincere experience!

Ivaylo Keremidarski

Bachelor, Culturology


Плейбой, уикенд пират.

Petina Venkova

Student, Culturology


I love to travel, going to theater plays and talking with artists. I love honest people and I hate liers. I try to understand (people and situations but I am not sure how good I am). I love to love, its good when I am loved.

Yoana Stoyanova

Student, Culturology

Йоана Стоянова

I strive to expand my world, one tinny step at a time, by looking deep into myself and into others; and to be in this world consciously and genuinely. I decorate it with versification, photos, sincerity, open conversations and trust in things that I cannot predict.

Yana Petrova

Student, Culturology

Яна Петрова

My town is Bourgas and as a child of the sea I consider myself as a social and cheerful person. For the last 5 years I am volunteering and teaching in many campaigns and courses. I have done a little bit of theater and preventing HIV campaigns. I love traveling and working with students. I am always open to new challenges and I want to meet interesting people with whom I can exchange knowledge and positive emotions. I want to hear and feel the harmony in the world.

Zhanet Grigorova

Student, Culturology

Жанет Григорова

About me I can say that I truly believe in the ideas and causes I get involved into because otherwise, I wouldn’t start it in the first place. I believe that when you start something it should be done in the best way possible. Young people should be the ones that build up and support civil society. In my high school I started to get involved in many projects connected with different social issues. I want to do that in my future as well. I love new challenges because they give me energy. As Apuleius says in his work „De Deo Socratis“ (On the God of Socrates): „Every person is mortal in his own but when we are together we are eternal“. That’s why when we have a common idea we should work together for its achievement.