Changemakers Academy

The Academy for Social Change or Changemakers Academy is probably the boldest venture of the Ideas Factory. It gathers everything that you have learned and want to share and all the people whose opinions we consider audacious and valuable. All challenges are collected in one methodology that teaches you to be … um … changemaker. We created it because we live in a society dominated above all by change, yet few people are prepared to defend their own group interests or those of another group of people in a beautiful way.

We noticed that the basic concepts of effectiveness and impact on the environment are not known to those who want to change our world for the better. We believe that the combination of the development of one’s personal potential, getting acquainted with the latest conceptual models for social change and the development of leadership skills is of great importance for our society today.

Training modules throughout 2012 were held in different parts of Bulgaria, where we were able in practice to see and work with the challenges facing local communities. Thus, participants had the opportunity to directly influence the processes taking place in our society. Those who have completed all 4 modules of the Changemakers Academy have access to a palette of techniques, concepts, lecturers, contacts and resources through which they can catalyze the realization of their innovative but also well-grounded bold ideas – ideas that have the potential to be systematic solutions to serious social problems.

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