Women’s Market

At the initiative of Nikola Venkov (one of the first “fabricators” that came from the factory’s conveyor and who studies the market for his dissertation in cultural anthropology) dozens of us are already involved in various initiatives related to changing the market’s image and people’s stereotypes about it, and also aiming to “empower” those of its people that remain unheard. We believe this is a place that brings together “the various” and the challenges to the city and to our country, and that it is a great blank canvas ready to be filled with new solutions. We would like this painting to be painted with the participation of the people from the market.

We started working with 13th School situated near the market and with the children at the end of 2011 and our first initiative was held on 22.12.2011 when over 20 volunteers, 80 children, clowns, jugglers, a monocycle, face painting, old games like gunny sack race, relay races and movie screenings turned the school into something different from the institution that the children were familiar with. Before the closing of the school in the summer of 2012 by the Sofia’s Capital Inspectorate, more than 12 volunteers regularly attended the lessons with non-formal and fun education in order to attract children in class.

Now, after it has become clear that our favorite spot will be reconstructed without broad public discussion, the project continues with new strength through the regular meetings and work of interdisciplinary group of sociologists, cultural anthropologists, architects, urban planners, journalists and others. In this process they build on each other’s ideas and solutions to the market challenges.

We are recruiting more volunteers and funds for our future activities there. If you are willing to help through human or monetary resources, please contact us.

WHEN: From 12.2011 onwards

WHERE: Women’s Market, 13th School, Sofia

TEAM: Nikola Venkov and “Women’s Market” group