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А statistics-jar for “Baba Residence”

Before we throw ourselves in the living adventure called “Baba Residence”, we decided to test the water with one preliminary survey and get to know the attitudes and thoughts of university students and unemployed graduates from Plovdiv and Sofia.
We share with you a part of the infographics, based on the results of a quantitative survey, made by “Media Links” for Ideas Factory.
We filled the jars with number and here’s what came out!

From the results you can see the lack of motivation and dejection of unemployed graduates – many of them would not want to learn any craft, would not have live in a remote rural area, do not intend to develop their own business, and expect mostly high income from their future job.
The university student bring a ray of light to the statistic – a huge percentage of them would want to learn how to cook, make jewelry from beads, sing and become mountain guides. It is gratifying that they would take the challenge to live in a remote rural area and would want to develop their own business.
We have always been interested in the topic about education and we have never stopped digging in it. An interesting fact is that, when they were asked the question of whether the knowledge they have acquired at the university, would help them to start their own business, 38% of the students answered it would “rather not”.
A chance to grow and be satisfied from the work you have done – that is what the students expect from their future job.
The lack of financing is that keeps both students and unemployed graduates from starting their own business.

You don’t think that the results from the quantitative survey have frightened us, do you? On the contrary – they motivated us even more, to change the numbers and help the young people in Bulgaria to find themselves, by going back to the roots!

What’s going to happen – keep your eyes on our “Baba Residence”!


EEA_Grants_JPG_4642_1The project “Baba Residence” is financed through the “NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014”. Our partners are Association for Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore studies “Ongal” and Foundation “Plovdiv 2019”.

You can’t make a village with just one house or How to save the Bulgarian villages

You can’t make a village with just one country house, that’s what they told us in the Rhodope village Manastir. People there are full of bright thoughts and positive attitude, perhaps because they see everything from above – after all Manastir is the highest situated village in Bulgaria. We went there and also to a few more villages in the area, to meet the local people and their everyday life, talk about the crafts, which are still alive and what each village needs. Just a week later there was an emergency situation there due to the snow, which brought out even more questions and problems than we mentioned during our meetings with the local mayors.

This mobilized us to start thinking how to bring the most appropriate people to our new project “Baba Residence”. Our dream is to connect the potential of unemployed young people with the knowledge of the elderly in one innovative social- entrepreneurial model, in which we will use design thinking, competences in ethnological researches and… in the village…. In the Rhodope Mountains – with a granny – for four to six weeks during this summer!

If you are interested in finding out more about “Baba Residence”, on the 26th of March we will be in “Bibliotekata” club in Plovdiv at 19:30 o’clock. Find more about the event – here!

EEA_Grants_JPG_4642_1-150x150The project “Baba Residence” is financed through the “NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014”. Our partners are Association for Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore studies “Ongal” and Foundation “Plovdiv 2019”.

Ideas Factory and “Make a school” challenged everyone with a national conference about education

We keep digging in the topic about the educational system in Bulgaria, because we think we know where the key to the door is. That is why as a part of the initiative “Make a school”, in which the Ideas Factory is a partner, on the 28th February we organized a National conference about the free development of education. More than 60 people attended, representing different social spheres and roles in the Bulgarian school – teachers, principals, parents, organizations, working in the sphere of informal education, reformation and liberalization of the education in Bulgaria.
We involved the participants in our favorite World Cafe and we all came up with the idea for the creation of a Human manifesto for Education.

Our Forum Theatre is looking for new additions!

The Ideas Factory is looking for people who want to be part of our forum theatre group! Yep, again this year we have in mind changing the world. From our establishment up to this day we have been working at urgent problems at the Women’s market, the Capital High school, Psychodrama fest and as a part from the “Metamorphosis” forum at Beglika fest. The group will gather together at least once a week and will sometimes travel around the country. We will be happy if you write to us, whether you have time for our evening meetings during the work days. Experience with Forum theatre is also a benefit. If you have only heard of this method, but you think it would suit you and you want to start important social discussions and changes through it, you can also write to us.

The application form is here.

The deadline for application is: until 5th of March 2015

Dance with Ideas factory!

“Dance with me” is one of the new inspirations for the Ideas factory! From 11th to 20th of June in Karlovo city, 29 young and active people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Greece, Georgia and the Netherlands, will experiment with techniques of the modern dance and will find out how to use them in their work with groups, where the student is in the center on the process. In this training there will be group rehearsals, discussions and open workshops, attracting local young people, and a few performances in the city, and why not outside it too?
If you want to participate, write to us at, so that we could send you more information.

Egyesek – Dance training from Egyesek on Vimeo.

The “Ideas Factory” project is financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.


The PRICE space has filled the Ideas Factory

“PRICE space” is the newest initiative of the Ideas Factory, born from the desire to share what we have learned from our participation in the project PRICE (Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe). Our first meeting gathered people of different professions, brought together by their interest in fair trade and ethical finance.
But what does “ethical finance” mean? In order not to be empty worded, Vyara Ivanova attended he meeting – a financier by profession and a “(ideas) factory worker” by heart, part of the team of Price project in Bulgaria, who explained what ethical financing is and we also discussed different global examples like the work of Banca Ethica, platforms for crowd funding, SIB (social impact bonds) and others. If all this sounds too abstract to, but you would like to see ethical banks in Bulgaria and production getting to you by fair trade, feel invited to come! The next meeting will be held on the 9th of February (awaiting confirmation), you can find more information and state your participation on the Facebook space of PRICE.

Play Away! Our new year has started with Basic Synergy Training in Croatia.

“New year – new adventures!” – That’s what we told ourselves and ended up in Croatia! From the 6th to the 15th of January in maritime Rijeka, a part of our team took part in the project “Play Away!”. And we were not disappointed! The organizers from Syncro – Synergy Croatia had prepared one unforgettable experience for all 27 participants from 6 countries – Croatia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria.
We discussed topics, crafted, managed to unfold ourselves, created provocations, realized what we want and how to achieve it. We played with different theatre techniques and tried out new methods for self-expression. During the 10 intensive days we met colorful people from different cultures and most of all – we faced ourselves, with all fears and established stereotypes, which define our comfort zone. But what exactly happened – we can’ tell! We made a vow of silence : ) And we also don’t want to spoil the surprise, if you decide to try some Basic Synergy Training!