Baba Residence 2017

For the past 2 years Baba Residence has been our answer to the problem of depopulation of Bulgarian villages and the gradual loss of their cultural heritage. It’s where generations open-heartedly meet, where villages and cities come together in the search of a beneficial common ground between the community, the local culture, and of course, you.

By taking part in the program Baba Residence 2017, participants make the decision to engage in a 7-month long challenge, only a month of which is field work in a village in the Gotse Delchev region.
Every single day of this month they will be diving into the everyday and emotional needs of the village and their hosts. They will learn about and document the remaining bits of folklore and use the observations and their social-entrepreneurial mindset to develop their own (or a group) idea, which would help the village.
The participants will themselves answer what the village needs in order to blossom again while getting to know the ones who make up its folklore – the local people.

This year the month of field work will take place in a village in the Gotse Delchev region from 31st August to 25th September.