Baba Residence 2017 final event

Baba Residence 2017 took place in Gotse Delchev region of Bulgaria. Young urban people with diverse background spent their dailyhood from 3rd until 25th of September in Lazhnitsa village. It is a flourishing village – with lively crafts, preserved folklore and a healthy desire of the local people to celebrate life together. Those hale community bonds are one of the most precious examples we all take in our hearts from this Residence.

After living for a month in Lazhnitsa village in the households of young and elderly couples, those 9 young people (“residents”) organized a final event to celebrate the time spent together and the hospitality they met!

As part of the celebration, the residents made a small hanging exhibition with photos of moments with local people. Another important feature of Lazhnitsa is that it is bursting with children ;)

A long-long table with local food specialties was organized by local people! And we all shared it.

A resident Mariya and a friend she made from the village

For the children, the residents organized two workshops. One of them was a competition-like stringing of tobacco leaves. Tobacco is one of the most widespread cultures in the region and the ability to string the leaves – needed.

The long-twisted “horo” dance is a part of every celebration of togetherness in the village. It goes until late night.

One of the beautiful things that will remind for Baba Residence in the village for a long time / birds painted by the resident Ralitsa <3