Be a Fabricator!

The big human ecosystem around the Factory is supplied with meaning and inspiration by everyone, who has joined the factory, be it short of long term and who gets the title “Fabricator” :) If you can’t stand inaction, have some fearless dreaminess and a sincere interest in current problems, together with the readiness to solve them, then there is something that we can learn from each other!

Become a Volunteer!

Choose whether you want to be a long-term or a short-term volunteer in the Factory of Ideas:
In one of the cases you will be helping us for the whole program of activities, and in the other – for a specific event that you like and you think is meaningful.

Become an Intern!

An Internship in the Factory of Ideas is not only an exciting experience but is also officially recognized by the Sofia University for major Cultural Studies. We are open for other majors or just for an internship, in which you get specific tasks with a defined weekly workload.
We are looking for people who want to improve themselves, learn and are ready to leave their comfort zone. What do you get? A chance to develop your own ideas or a project, and a mentoring program, which supports you in your actions, as well as a special system for self-development, which will help you to evaluate your achievements and whether your expectations for what you will learn have been achieved.

Yana_sm1„The internship in the “Factory of Ideas” doesn’t create a feeling of some obligation. On the contrary, the internship gives you an opportunity to choose in which area you want to develop yourself, and you can gain experience from the other fabricators, who, with a smile on their faces, are always ready to fulfill the curiosity of the young intern, who is full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. However, it is not easy to choose your direction, because there is a lot of diversity. You can gain experience in the areas of NGO, PR, marketing, project management, event planning, development of new techniques for learning and informal education.
Тhe intern in “The Factory of Ideas” can benefit not only from the right to choose, but also from self-reflection. The factory supports development and stimulates its measurement through the only meaningful way, so that the intern is fulfilled and feels useful in the end of this little journey – through a system of self-reflection and the setting of personal goals for self-improvement throughout the internship. On top of it all, the Factory is full of high-minded, positive and different people, who together with the actions for social change, and not only that, gives everything that’s happening there one particular charm. That’s why it’s not hard to grow up to be a Fabricator from just an intern.„

Yana, intern Culturology, Sofia University