Be an Intern!

Internship at Ideas Factory? O-o!

Apart from being an exciting opportunity, the internship at Ideas Factory is officially recognized by the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” for students in the Bachelors course in culturology. We are open to students from other disciplines or to people looking for internship in which they will be given specific tasks within certain weekly workload. Internships typically take place during autumn and spring.


We are looking for people who want to grow and learn, and who are ready to get out of their comfort zone. What do we give you? An opportunity to develop your own idea or project and a mentoring program to support you in your undertakings and with your tasks; and a special system for personal development that will help you assess your accomplishments during the internship and it will also help you keep track of what you wanted to learn and what you have actually learned! Come on, stop fooling around and contact us!

Yana_sm1“The internship in Ideas Factory doesn’t create a sense of obligation. Quite the opposite – it allows you to choose the direction in which you want to develop. You can draw on the fabricators’ experience – they are always ready, with a smile, to satisfy the curiosity of the young intern, who is full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. It is not easy to choose your direction, however, because there is a variety and I mean substantial variety. You can enrich yourself with experience in NGO PR, marketing, project preparation, event management, developing new techniques for learning and non-formal education, and much more.
The intern in “Ideas Factory” is benefited not only by the variety of choices, but also by the opportunity for self-assessment. Ideas Factory sets a great store by the development and stimulates its measurement in the only meaningful way that will make the intern feel satisfied and productive at the end of this little adventure – a system for self-assessment in which interns are setting their own goals for self-development within the internship. And on top of that the Ideas Factory is full of ideas and full of positive and different people who come in a set with the activities for social change, and not only this, they lend a special charm to everything that happens there. So the change from being just an intern to just being a fabricator is not hard.”