Beglika Fest 2014 transforms its audience in a forum “Metamorphoses”

From 21st to 24th of August on the shores of Golyam Beglik lake for the sixth time we will challenge the traditional views of our way of life, our culture of consumption, the system in which we operate and our musical tastes. Beglika Festival marks the big return with a message of participatory democracy and the power of collective intelligence to solve challenges.

A special beglika currency will mark the vision of the festival to rethink our economic system, which reflects the most in its latest initiative with the “Ideas Factory” – Forum Metamorphoses. The innovative forum will be a “fair” of all forms that stimulate collective creativity and general intelligence on the latest and current issues in the culture and education areas as well.

Betting on the forms that give space to the searching people to play and create together, this new concept of the festival is the main line in its sixth edition.

The audience will be in the role of creator of the unique festival and can not just “consume” the experience, but can create it, for example it can participate in interactive installations and create new Beglika charter in the highest state of togetherness in the temple of collective intelligence – Forum Metamorphoses, which will include the daring vanguard of the social change in Bulgaria and more than 50 speakers, reforming education, economy and culture in Bulgaria.