Beglika Fest 2014 transforms its audience in a forum “Metamorphoses”

From 21st to 24th of August on the shores of Golyam Beglik lake for the sixth time we will challenge the traditional views of our way of life, our culture of consumption, the system in which we operate and our musical tastes. Beglika Festival marks the big return with a message of participatory democracy and the power of collective intelligence to solve challenges.

A special beglika currency will mark the vision of the festival to rethink our economic system, which reflects the most in its latest initiative with the “Ideas Factory” – Forum Metamorphoses. The innovative forum will be a “fair” of all forms that stimulate collective creativity and general intelligence on the latest and current issues in the culture and education areas as well.

Betting on the forms that give space to the searching people to play and create together, this new concept of the festival is the main line in its sixth edition.

The audience will be in the role of creator of the unique festival and can not just “consume” the experience, but can create it, for example it can participate in interactive installations and create new Beglika charter in the highest state of togetherness in the temple of collective intelligence – Forum Metamorphoses, which will include the daring vanguard of the social change in Bulgaria and more than 50 speakers, reforming education, economy and culture in Bulgaria.

Forum Theatre is one of the love affairs of “Ideas Factory”

Forum Theatre is one of the love affairs of “Ideas Factory” and one of the greatest methods of empowerment in our humble opinion! So after we spent the last year using it on decreasing the aggression in school and dealing with problems such as “gentrification” (ask Google about it J), recently we devote our efforts on spreading this incredibly effective method outside of Sofia. From July 31st to August 3rd we were in Plovdiv, where we hope to start a new Forum Theatre group. We worked mainly on topics related to the educational system that our heart goes out to.

Bourgas and its ideas-fabricants

Led by marine excitement, Ideas Factory berthed in Bourgas.
And don’t try to picture us spending our time on the beach with a drink in hand…

Truth is we had an important mission – to present Changemakers Аcademy in front of our sea friends. On a breezy July evening the outside space of bar Barboss became filled with people we immediately recognized as changemakers. After we told them how well the Academy went in Plovdiv, the premiere of the video about the first edition from 2014 of this favorite project of ours took place. Coming soon on your screens also!
If you’re willing to make a change also, we remind you that the next Academy will happen in Bourgas (4-7th of September). More information at
What’s next, you ask? We’ll sail away to Vratsa (2-5th of October)

Changemakers Academy gathered the first team of Changemakers in Plovdiv

Systemic thinking, negotiation skills, U-theory, World caffe’, Ideas lab – empathic leadership, night challenge and a meeting in the Municipality for the creation of an innovative vision for the social services in the city of Plovdiv are just the cherry on top of the ice-cream.

From June 5th till the 8th, the City under the hills was taken over by the Changemakers and the team of Ideas Factory. For a second consecutive year during “mission Change” Ideas Factory took up the task to support the “agents” with everything that the lecturers we invite, and us, know about social change and the effectiveness of the processes undergoing big changes. The group consisted of the teams – winners of the Social Innovation Challenge and those of the candidates who amazed us with their interesting and insightful ideas.

The results: a community of happy, confident and connected people, charged with the enthusiasm to resolve problems and take up various challenges. To the question “From 1 to 100, what number would you say best represents your motivation to continue your work/project for social change after the Academy?” 97% answered “with 120”.

Lecturers in the Academy were Ralph Boelke, Tsvetana Chakarova (Amsterdam), Filka Sekulova (Autonomus University of Barcelona) and Asen Nenov. The event opened Dzhema Barukh – CEO of the Plovdiv Foundation 2019.

We would like to remind you that if you feel you are a Changemaker, you can become part of the miracle, since there are two more Academies in Bourgas (4th – 7th of September) and Vratsa (2nd – 5th of October).

Apply here

Do any ethical finance instruments exist in Bulgaria?

What makes one financial institution ethical and how did Banca Etica manage to transform itself in just 15 years from a financial cooperative into a regular bank which management is based on inclusion and transparency with almost 40 000 members?

The concept of Fair Trade meets various reactions around Eastern Europe and it’s quite understandable.

The movement started in the 70s as a reaction to the trade agreements which strip the developing countries of the right to earn their living with dignity and labour, making them dependent on international funds. Nowadays Fair Trade movement is facing many critics about the fact that poor European regions such as the Balkans doesn’t have the right to be producers even though the countries there also deal with labour exploitation – in the tailoring sheds for example. Therefore we need one more holistic Fair Trade concept which recognizes our right to sustainable local production of goods that are not only from the developing countries (like coffee, cocoa, bananas etc). If we manage to obtain the wish our potatoes, tomatoes and fruits to be homegrown and of good quality, a world of wonder is on the horizon… :)

“Participatory photography” at Ideas Factory

This time Ideas Factory challenges you with photography! And it’s not any kind of photography, but the so called “Participatory photography” or “Photo voice”. This is a method used mainly in the field of social development, education and health protection.

This kind of photography unites photography with social activity. The chosen participants will have to present their own community and to express their viewpoint on it through photos and discussions as well as creating stories on the basis of the taken shots.

On the 28th and 29th of May at Ideas Factory Kallina Brailsford – one of the founders of Human Camera – will show us how this method is being used as a tool from people in inequal communities to express the way they understand their living circumstances and their hopes for the future.

Date: 28-29th of May
10.00 – 18.00 h (1h lunch break)
Place: Ideas Factory, Prof. N. Mihailov 12 Str.

It is time for social change! It is time for the 2014 Changemakers Academy!

Apply for the Changemakers Academy , the place where the Changemakers are being born.
Your ideas, from social entrepreneurship to innovative city campaigns or simply an ingenious idea that would change the world around us, responding to it’s most urgent need, are what will make us recognize you as one of us!

Changemakers Academy will organize not one but three events this year. The first one starts in just a few days and it will take place from June 5th till the 8th in Plovdiv or “The City under the hills”. You can apply until 30th of May so we invite you to hurry up. The next two Academies will take place in Bourgas (in September) and Vratsa ( in October).

For more information please visit the Academy’s web-site:

The jury fights back

What does it fight back at, you ask?! Well, our strict jury was in the eye of a storm full of ideas and creative solutions which were the result of Social Change Challenge which took place between 12th and 14th of April and included 29 teams (more than 100 people) from all over the country. Now’s the time for the jury to say its final word. This will happen on the 15th of May at betahaus. We will gather all the participants there to find out the jury’s opinion on each of them, because if it’s up to us – they were all great! The most important thing is that this is the first step towards the next part of – Changemaker’s Academy – in which some of the participants will become a part of. You can come and see for yourself who are the next changemakers.

The Challenge: Jury

If you think that we haven’t prepared an interesting mixture of people this time, you should get to know us better.

We will gather together Vera Petkanchin (Junior Achievement Bulgaria), Luybomir Popyordanov (Stenata shops, Green days, Days of the challenges), Nadezhda Savova (Bread Houses), Yordan Nedev (Bianor), Nevena Tsaneva (Trust for Social Achievements), Alexander Mihaylov (betahaus), Yanina Taneva (Ideas Factory). One real jury for Social Innovation Challenge 2014!

These people will have the significant task to look through all presentations and to say their hard but just word about it.
You can keep up with the news about the teams at facebook and at


Dear Fabricants, don’t get distracted – there’re only 6 days left to register in the spring adventure, which Ideas Factory created alongside tens of friends and partners. The challenges for social change are about to take over Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Varna and Bourgas between 11th and 15th of April. As a part of the Factory community you have the opportunity to join the challenge in one of the following roles: as a part of a team, as an “Angel” (for the ones who have participated in our previous programmes) or it just may be the first step to awaken your changemaking nature.

Find the initiative at facebook –

Register a team and keep track of what’s coming here.

See what motivates us to do what we do.