Cookie Policy

Like most web pages the websites of Ideas Factory Association (,, and are using cookies in order to work properly and to be handy and useful.

What are cookies, how do they work and why are they used? 

The cookies are small text files with information on your activity as a user and your preferences when visiting a website. These files are being exchanged between the server of the website you are visiting and your browser, and are being stored on the computer and mobile device you are using.

The information carried by the cookies is used to monitor its seamless functioning, to make it more user-friendly and to look for opportunities for improving its performance.

The type of information each cookie is carrying and the period of time it is stored for depends on its type.

What types of cookies are we using and what for?

Our websites are using the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (without which the functioning of the website is impossible or very restricted): We use cookies, which support you in navigating through the website, as well as cookies, which monitoring the connection’s security (SID, __cfduid, __Secure-3PSID, __Secure-3PAPISID).
  • Functionality cookies (serving to make the website easy to use and corresponding to the individual preferences of the users): We use a cookie, which saves your language preferences (pll_language).
  • Performance cookies (storing statistic information on site visits and encountered issues as basis for website improvement): We use the general analytic instruments provided by Google (_ga, _gid) to collect data such as number of page visits, mostly visited pages, sources of the visit, time spent on the page, errors occurred, etc., as well as a cookie with information on the number of views of the embedded elements (em_p_uid). 
  • Targeting and Marketing cookies (collecting information to be used to show targetted and relevant information): We allow some cookies by Google containing information on how are you accessing and using the website, such as whether you are accessing it through ads on other websites visited previously, what device and browser you are using, and others (vglnk.Agent.p, SSID, SIDCC, SAPISID, NID, HSID, APISID, CONSENT, 1P_JAR).

The cookies we use on our websites do not store personal data, which could be used to reveal your identity.

How to manage the cookies on your device? 

WIth exception to the strictly necessary cookies, you can delete cookies stored on your device and define which cookies are to be stored in the future. Find more about managing cookies under different browsers and operating systems at

Bear in mind that deactivating cookies would affect the way the website is functioning, and may lead to malfunctions.