Dance with me!

„Dance with Me“ is one of the freshest inspirations of Ideas Factory – a 10-day training course for youth workers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Greece, Georgia and the Netherlands, who will explore the opportunities to use contemporary dance as innovative learner-centered approach in activities involving youth.

It is a training course on beginner level in contemporary dance and performance-creation, combined with action-based coaching, video and team coaching to facilitate group work in performance creation. 80-90% of the program is pure practicing and improvement, consisting of 8-10 hours of physical movement a day. Professional instruction and coaching is provided by trainers from the European network called the International Synergy Group, who will be assisteb by a team of volunteers.

The purpose of the training is to explore contemporary dance as a tool in youth work by personal experience, practice and physical training. The training offers a practical, easy to follow process promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyle and active European citizenship on individual and community level. Main focus is development of creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

The training is directed to people, who work with youth groups and use methods of non-formal education, or are considering to do so as a career option as professional or as volunteer – e.g. in community work, cultural work, sports, dance, theatre, circus, art, creative expression, youth work or any other form of education.

11-20 June,


EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS   The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The results from this training course are classified in the following way:

  1. Data, based on the analysis of the feedback forms and reports from the course participants, filled in online:

– Skills, attitudes and competences which the participants cultivated during the course: 1) contemporary dance techniques, 2) more responsible attitude towards their own health, 3) non-verbal communication and expression, 4) creative and entrepreneurial approaches and attitudes, 5) inclusion attitude, cultural awareness, tolerance, team work etc.

– Increased self-confidence, creativity and proactiveness.

  1. Data, based on the collaboration with partner organizations on local and international level:

– consequential “Dance with me ”project offer, which draws the partners from this project into a new one, which will be in Israel and Hungary;

–           the participants gained knowledge, experience, skills and tools to bring dance and physical movement in group activities. They used it to create shows which they performed in front of the local community;

– new partnership with the chitalishte (creative community hub) of Karlovo “Vasil Levski – 1861”. We were invited to collaborate with them in future youth projects.

–           new partnerships with the local authorities and institutions – Karlovo Municipality, Center for people with intellectual disabilities in Bania, Bania Municipality and Kliment village, local NGOs.

  1. Visible results

– The participants and the local youth had a close interaction which brought to the process of informal learning and to the Erasmus+ mobility additional value (11 students and 5 teachers participated in the workshop at “Hr. and Evl. Georgiev” School; 8-10 children frequently spent time with our group during the outdoor session in the yard near the chitalishte; 85-100 people who were passing around during the outdoor session stopped by, talked to us or just observed; there’s also a multitude of people who we couldn’t register);

–  – a final video which shows the multiformity of the training course – from indoor work to open air shows in front of the local in 3 different towns and villages with socially diverse audiences.

–  – this is a video of a free contact improvisation workshop in park in Riga, Latvia organized by participants from “Dance with me” in Karlovo (from Latvia and Bulgaria)

–           A new methodology for using contemporary dance in work with youth was introduced –  29 youth workers from 9 countries (2 trainers, 5 fascilitators and 22 participants)

–           There were 21 underprivileged participants: unemployed, with low income, from conflict regions, belonging to a minority, out of the educational system, from broken families etc.

–           4-hour workshop for Bulgarian national dances led by 4 professional dancers from Karlovo.

–           3-day training with 12 school children organized by one of the Georgian participants. They did a flashmob with other 45-50 young people and a show in front of 180-200 people.        – video from a training course during which visually impaired children worked together with socially underprivileged children using elements from “Dance with me” course in Karlovo. The place is Latvia and the participants – from Latvia, Finland and Russia.

–           A video from the consequential work and the rewarding of 4 of the Bulgarian participants from an advanced dance project in Hungary with the same trainers (2014-3-HU02-KA105-000485, 20-29 July 2015):

–           audience of 50 people in the chitalishte of Bania, 35 of whom were patients in Center for people with intellectual disabilities in Bania, the other 15 local people came because of the posters;

–           audience of 90 people in front of the Municipality of Kliment village – children, youth and old people.

–           audience of 180 people before the stage on the square of Karlovo – children, youth, grown-ups, old people; there were also people observing from different places around the stage, from the benches and the cafes around;

–           online publications – more than 20 publications in different websites, social networks and informational platforms.

From all the reported results the most lively and important are the videos and the experience of the participants. That’s why we expect more and more people to be touched by the experience from Karlovo. More and more initiatives will be organized and they will contribute  indirectly to the increasing of youth mobility of people who are interested in youth work, mobility and dance.