David De Kock

David De Kock created a real furor in Sofia, showing us what it is like to use the well developed by the business tools for non-profit needs or social entrepreneurship.
Who is David? Why we invited him to Bulgaria? Why will invite him again?

His seminars reap success across the Netherlands and Mid-western Europe. They are described as invigorating “kick” towards personal and organizational development that unlocks the potential for what you actually want. David’s program “Success is a Personal Creation” is focused on: what is social entrepreneurship and can there be a business that satisfies our personal quests, our moral views and protects the environment? In his workshop we learned how three important words arrange every personal and organizational development strategy: talent, passion, need.

TEAM: David De Kock + Factory team

WHEN: 30.09 – 01.10.2011

WHERE: Sofia “Krasno Selo” Cultural Center