Do any ethical finance instruments exist in Bulgaria?

What makes one financial institution ethical and how did Banca Etica manage to transform itself in just 15 years from a financial cooperative into a regular bank which management is based on inclusion and transparency with almost 40 000 members?

The concept of Fair Trade meets various reactions around Eastern Europe and it’s quite understandable.

The movement started in the 70s as a reaction to the trade agreements which strip the developing countries of the right to earn their living with dignity and labour, making them dependent on international funds. Nowadays Fair Trade movement is facing many critics about the fact that poor European regions such as the Balkans doesn’t have the right to be producers even though the countries there also deal with labour exploitation – in the tailoring sheds for example. Therefore we need one more holistic Fair Trade concept which recognizes our right to sustainable local production of goods that are not only from the developing countries (like coffee, cocoa, bananas etc). If we manage to obtain the wish our potatoes, tomatoes and fruits to be homegrown and of good quality, a world of wonder is on the horizon… :)