CIRCLE – “TO LOVE THE WILD. MONGOLIA” – with Ongal Association

CIRCLE – our discussions with Ongal Association for anthropology, ethnology and folklore studies on topics related to folklore and cultural heritage – would like to invite you to see the neverchanging look of distant Mongolia.

COME on 31st of January at 19.30 PM at the Factory where we will take ourselves to the charming and raw Mongolia with photos and stories from Petia Dimitrova.

What do you think of when you hear about this country?
Nomads, yurts, black roads, pack of horses, goats and camels in the middle of the barren lands… True – outside the capital Ulan Bator and other big cities. More than a million of Mongols live in unison with nature and remain strangers to the stress of the post-modern era.

What challanges does the Mongolian land put them against? And what is the reflection of this on their culture and their main religion – Mongolian buddhism?
We will talk about all of this with Petia Dimitrova – an ethnologist, adventurer, author of the book “To love the wild. Mongolia”.
She’s also a proud resident of our Резиденция Баба / Baba Residence 2017 in the village of Luzhnitsa ;)
In the end of 2016 she walked the 8000 kilometer milestone with three other Bulgarians from Moscow through Baikal and Ulan Bator to the Gobi desert.

MORE about her book “Loving the wild. Mongolia” -> Here <- /Hyperlinked/ - Here - you can download the chapter and a couple of illustrations from the book. And in this interview you will aswell learn more about Petia. Here are a few words from Emilia Najdenova from "The thoughts and emotions of "Loving the wild" bring comfort. Sensing the feeling of an actual adventurer, Petia shares not only through what paths the four bulgarians pass through, the life in the yurts /tents that the nomads have thousands of years ago/, the looks of the surrounding environment, the weather, what's it like to be riding a camel or to acquire your own calf, aswell as what happens with it during the adventure. Taking a breath allows you to feel the sentimental thoughts, songs through the eyes of Petia as she'd be taking a look into the abyss, all-in-all increasing the intensity of the emotions in this journal of hers. Because: "Art is falling in love with something new without neglecting your love for the old." The reason behind these meetings is one mutual interest around Резиденция Баба / Baba Residence and the overall need of meetings for our grandma-loving pack that has gathered around her :)