Community event – artistic results of Radical Imagination Residency 2020

What sort of creation is possible with three weeks in a border village? Join us on Saturday, September 12th to explore the village of Deleyna through the eyes of 11 international artists in the final event of our artist residency.

We invite you to walk the streets of Deleyna in search of small murals; to interact with images, displays, and fanciful exhibitions in the abandoned school; to join the audience for an evening of theater, legends, objects, and stories local to the community; and to help us fill the town square with Vlashki dancing and singing.

If you would like to stay overnight, please let us know — we will arrange your stay in the village.

Next week we will publish a detailed schedule of all the events.
All 11 artists will be our local guides into the treasure of Deleyna village.
This community event is part of Radical Imagionation Residency 2020 / programme #democracyneedsimagination of #EuropeanCulturalFoundation

A curator of the residency and the artistic projects of the participants is Galina Dimitrova-Dimova.

The flow of the community event, organized by the artist residents, will include these micro events /
11.00 h
OPENING of the exhibition with all the artistic projects of all artists from the residency – in the abandoned school building
11.00 h – 23.45 h
POP-UP EXHIBITION of the painter Elena Nazarova spread in different public spaces all around Deleyna village
13.00 h – 14.30 h
SHARED TABLE FOR ALL with culinary delicacies from Deleyna – in the schoolyard
19.00 h – 20.30 h
DOCUMENTARY PERFORMANCE – in the theater hall of the chitalishte (local cultural community hub)
21.00 h
DANCES at the village square
Photo -> Elena Nazarova / Deleyna