Inhale art and support local artists with our homestage calendar

In this weird period of social distancing and panic which is hard to have a complete control of, it’s once again art’s duty to raise our spirits higher. Art has the capacity and innate property to bring inspiration and resilience, to bring people closer to each other and pave way to solidarity.

The emergency state which led to the closing of all cultural centers and institutions and make people stay at their homes cannot stop the urge and need of connection between artists and audiences.

Thus we give a brave beginning of our Homestage calendar with online artistic events, in which you can participate straight from your homes.

Concerts, performances, readings, screenings, fine and applied art, workshops will give us new spring fuel, ideas, meanings and joy. A home festival to attend in slippers for immunoprotective emotions :)

We invite all artists who feel the urge to be part of this, to invite us in their homes at

Facebook live will be our way to stream all of the content.

The audience is invited to support the artists will voluntary donations at their personal online platforms, Revolut or at their bank account.

Let’s jump on the wings of art together! While staying at home :)