Just a few days until “Dance with me”!

If you will be in Karlovo between the 11th and 20th of June and at some point you feel the ground beneath your feet vibrating – do not worry! This is not an earthquake, this is “Dance with me” by Ideas Factory!

29 young and active people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Greece, Georgia and the Netherlands will experiment with techniques of contemporary dance and will find out how to use them in their work with groups, where the learner is in the center of the process.

Workshops with methods and techniques of modern dance, open workshops with the local youth, discussion groups, group rehearsals with coaching and video feedback, open shows for the local community – these are only a small part of the adventure before our future dancers!

The participants will present what they have learned in the afternoon of June 19, at the central square in Karlovo – Come, Dance With Me!

The “Ideas Factory” project “Dance with me” is funded by Erasmus + program of the European Union.


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