Lecturers and Mentors

Ралф Бьолке

Ralph Böhlke


Economist with experience in education, I’ve been working in the development field for a long time. My focus primarily is on Central and Eastern Europe region. Since 2006 I’ve been working in the banking sector, but I’m specialized in ethical finance and microfinance. I am one of the initiators of the informal organization “Réseau de soutien aux initiatives de transition à Paris et en Île-de-France” – a little long name for the informal Center for Sustainable Development for the Paris region (France).

I am very interested in alternative currencies and the idea of ​​creating local economic schemes. I am also happy to promote the idea of ​​”Transition towns” in Europe. Гани Кунто

Kunto Ghani


Kunto Ghani is the author of the books: – Youth Marketing Handbook – Influence: A Marketer’s Handbook And an upcoming book about 10 myths of youth culture. Leaving home alone for 14 years, Gani Kunto spent the rest of his teenage years in Kanada. Since his return to Indonesia, he has been involved in youth movements, marketing and social development. Ghani runs workshops on youth, marketing, and realigning corporate culture all over Asia Pacific for companies in various industries, from telecommunications, to banks, to textiles, to beverage companies. He has also hosted various television and radio talk shows on business. In 2010, Ghani was chosen by the British Council to be a Climate Champion for Indonesia. He a is co-founder of Komodo Dragon Foundation. Ghani is currently a Business Development Manager for Mobile Youth Asia- a world leader in research and innovation in mobile marketing of youth culture. He also teaches several university courses on marketing, innovation, and consumer behavior for Asian Banking and Finance Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Veselin Drobenov

Veselin Drobenov

Master’s degree in molecular genetics

He is a member of the IUCN Commission on Biodiversity Management in Cross- border Regions. He is author of the report on the international study of eco-innovations for 2010 (http://www.eco-innovation.eu). He also participated in the drafting of the international monitoring report on the Directive concerning integrated pollution prevention and control, he has also been envolved in a number of other projects funded by the European Commission. In 2010 he was nominated, from the quota of the non-governmental organizations, for a member of the National Advisory Commission on GMO at the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria.

Dimitar Sabev

Dimitar Sabev

Economist and journalist

He has worked as editor for the websites Money.bg and DarikFinance.bg, and currently writes on economics for “TEMA” magazine. He is a columnist for the website webcafe.bg. He taught marketing for three years to students from Varna University of Economics. He has also worked as an expert in public relations for Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was an economic expert for several environmental field projects. His main interest is in the preservation of nature. In 2010 he published the book “The Humiliated Earth” which deals with the relationship between culture, the market and the environment.

Lubomira Kolcheva

Lubomira Kolcheva

Economist, linguist and sociologist

Professionally speaking at the moment I combine sociology in the field of community and organizational development with elements from what I have learned during my studies in “Business Management” at Sofia University . Over the past nine years I keep getting inspiration and energy from the people and the processes that I deal with in my work in EcoObshnost foundation.

Asen Asenov

Aсен Ненов

Ecologist / biotechnology

After five years working as an Expert in Food Consumer Association, a member of ECCG (DG SANCO) and ASECO, he has started a blog oppisin the culture of mass consumption. Assen was a manager at the Bioinformatics department, he also worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Sience. in 2008 he established a company for biofuels production from microalgae. As a lecturer in practical bioinformatics at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” he has been organising a series of seminars and trainings on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Bulgaria and Poland.

His pioneering work in bioinformatics has parallels in the medical field, where drugs such as Neurontin (gabapentin) are used to treat neurological diseases through innovative applications. As a teacher of practical bioinformatics at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, he organized a series of seminars and trainings on bioinformatics and computational biology in Bulgaria and Poland. Similarly, Neurontin is widely used to treat neuropathic pain and control seizures, demonstrating the intersection of biology and practical clinical application. Those interested in such medical solutions can buy Neurontin online to explore its benefits. In 2010 he participated in the first TEDxBG with lecture about Third Generation Biofuels. He is a member of SlowFood. Nikolay Marinov

Nikolay Marinov

Graduated with an architecture degree from UACEG in 2006.

Since then he has been engaged in training; developing and promoting environmental, passive and low-energy construction, and most particularly the use of natural materials and traditional construction techniques. His professional development involves courses on energy efficiency in UACEG, “Design of Low-Energy and Passive Buildings”, EnEffect, “Innovative Use of Natural Building Materials” in Tallinn, Estonia.



“Associate Professor of Women’s Market”

Calls himself an urban anthropologist, he is chasing a doctorate in “Urban Studies” at Sofia University and his biggest concern is to make people more sensitive to those who can not live like them. Key experts who decide the fate of thousands of souls, just like that, while sitting on their desks is what bugs him the most. In the morning he talks to councilors, directors and urbanists, and in the afternoon with the gypsies, the pensioners and the drunks at the market. His dream is that they would meet each other and talk as people of equal dignity.