Life in the PRICE space

Ideas, discussions, lectors, examples – so buzzed the PRICE space of Ideas Factory!
From the depths of alternative currency systems, along with Filka Sekulova (Free University of Barcelona), through educational alternatives with Joro Mavrov, the Portuguese Casa da Juventude of Miguel Pinto and Vyara Ivanova (“Elana” and PRICE Bulgaria), aaaall the way to our speakers from Empatheast – Jason Nardi and Ralph Bohlke!
The meetings became more frequent, and the ideas – too! And to tell you honestly, we can’t wait to test them!

The PRICE project (promoting responsible investment and commerce in Europe) lives its own life in the Ideas Factory space! In short – the PRICE space! Purposefully we gave it each Monday after 18:30 at the familiar Factory place, so that the people, who dream of and work for fair trade and ethic finance, could have their place for meetings, inspiration and sharing.

If you want to be informed of everything that happens in the PRICE space, join the group on Facebook!

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