Meet for change/Creative drink

MEET 4 CHANGE / CREATIVE DRINK is a brand new format that has been invented and implemented by Ideas Factory since 2012. This is our series of Networking events to create a space for mixing and interaction between groups that usually don’t get to meet each other. Thus people who are crazy about facts (scientists, researchers, activists) meet people crazy about communication and various forms of expression (designers, journalists, artists, marketing specialists, directors, animators) and together they create unique public campaigns, social innovations, they change something or they just meet and have a chat over a glass of wine! For our first experiment we gathered animators and activists in the summer of 2012, this was followed by a second Creative Wine on 28.11.2012 in Beta Cafe. The initiative has already conceived its first results, which you’ll soon learn about!

In its Meet for Change variation, the initiative brought together young activists and civic groups in non-hierarchical dialogue with local authorities and representatives of local decision-making institutions in order to catalyze dialogue and facilitate the joint development of innovative strategies through an integrated approach that involves young people. In 2012 such meetings were already held in Vidin and Burgas. Brace yourselves Ruse and Plovdiv!

Meetings to achieve understanding, meeting with open endings

OBJECTIVE: To catalyze and create conditions for the quality communication of important topics by full-blooded and unique networking.

WHEN: Creative Drink Vol.1 – June 15, 2012 in Art-Space in front of NDK in Sofia, Vol.2 – 28.11.2012; Meet for change Vol. 1 – May 2012 Sea Casino in Burgas, Vol. 2 – July 2012, the Regional Government of Vidin. Follow this site and our FB- page, to learn about the next editions of the initiative in 2013;