Cochanging the world

The changemakers hunting duo Andrea and Anna from Exchange the world visited in March 2017 for an inspiring deep talk about our values and how we sow them through our formats :)

We thank them heartfully for listening, exchanging and cochanhging!

Changemaker Course | How to change the world?

You want to take action but you don’t know how to change the world? Get inspired by Changemakers from all over the world. Join our Changemaker Course.

Peace Factoring :)

Project „Peace Factory” was a common initiative of 8 international organizations from: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania. Our project gathered 20 youth workers and 2 experienced trainers according to theirs’ work among stress management, mind-fullness, conflict resolutions, in Poronin (Poland) between 4th and 13th of September 2017.

In an non formal environment we directly influenced participants with experiencing and reflecting on stress management activities. During 10 days participants developed habits based on the concept of mindfulness. We especially emphasized theirs’ experience among applied drama, theatre of oppressed, yoga activities and morning meditation sessions. Moreover we will encouraged them to use concepts of active listening and non violent communication in their free time activities, so they will not only get familiar with the concept and practical use and implementation of mentioned during sessions but also, which is even more desirable – experience its positive impact „here and now”, in non formal environment. The most important element according to our project is a common contribution. Participants were working in international groups among creation of new tools and activities, that after the main activities would be able to re-frame and use in theirs’ local communities.


In time of crisis arises a special need of rethinking and reorganizing our environment in order to meet the social needs and deficits which are visible under the weakened system of governance. These social deficits can be filled and that is why the Ideas Factory started working on EMPATHEAST: Forum for Social Change and Open Education in Eastern Europe. The main objective of EMPATHEAST to firmly put Bulgaria and the Balkans on the world map of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. As a region which deals with a dysfunctional political, economic and social system on a daily basis, the Balkans are a unique ground where social innovation can solve old challenges in a new way.

For three days from November 1st until November 3rd EMPATHEAST will gather together leading lectors and practitioners in the field of social change in order to create a space in which we will learn from each other, experiment with creating new models and celebrate the availability of approaches such as Design Thinking and Art of Hosting in a non-conference format. During the Forum, Plovdiv will become the setting in which seemingly foreign subjects will be transformed into pleasant and accessible starting points for reflection. EMPATHEAST will challenge your creativity for social change through lectures, installations, games, concerts and performances, stimulating collective intelligence and systems thinking. It will demonstrate the meaning of “public visioning” (creating a shared vision) and will reflect on intuitive and empathic leadership, self-organizing civil systems, ethical finance, energy independence, human centered design.

EMPATHEAST is much more than an event. It’s a Place. Process. Game.

Our first Baba Residence team-building!

What can happen if you mix together 70 young people from an advertising agency with a few old ladies in their own village? A marvellous team-building, but one that includes “building” of a relationship with the local grannies from the village too ;)

The “delicious” results include: traditional winter food supplies cooked together, renewed community spaces, new signs at local eco-trails and an abundant celebration of this authentic interaction!

Thank you, Publicis One Bulgaria, for trusting us!

Baba Residence 2017 final event

Baba Residence 2017 took place in Gotse Delchev region of Bulgaria. Young urban people with diverse background spent their dailyhood from 3rd until 25th of September in Lazhnitsa village. It is a flourishing village – with lively crafts, preserved folklore and a healthy desire of the local people to celebrate life together. Those hale community bonds are one of the most precious examples we all take in our hearts from this Residence.

After living for a month in Lazhnitsa village in the households of young and elderly couples, those 9 young people (“residents”) organized a final event to celebrate the time spent together and the hospitality they met!

As part of the celebration, the residents made a small hanging exhibition with photos of moments with local people. Another important feature of Lazhnitsa is that it is bursting with children ;)

A long-long table with local food specialties was organized by local people! And we all shared it.

A resident Mariya and a friend she made from the village

For the children, the residents organized two workshops. One of them was a competition-like stringing of tobacco leaves. Tobacco is one of the most widespread cultures in the region and the ability to string the leaves – needed.

The long-twisted “horo” dance is a part of every celebration of togetherness in the village. It goes until late night.

One of the beautiful things that will remind for Baba Residence in the village for a long time / birds painted by the resident Ralitsa <3

A new Executive Director

Just like each organic creation, The factory goes through many natural changes and adaptations.
Yanina, one of the founders of Ideas Factory and visible from most of the public apperances of the association, is withdrawing for a while due to a beautiful pregnancy!
She’s passing on the torch temporarily to another devoted socially-responsible visionary.
If you ready to dive in a deep and broad changemaking enterprise in a very responsible position, if you have managing skills and you really cherish playfulness and creativity as changemaking instruments, join us!

НПО – Executive director of Ideas Factory / Фабрика за идеи

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. About us Ideas Factory is an inspiring hub for social innovations – incubating change and serving the communities we work with by building the capacity in a new generation of social innovators.


Have you heard about  “Dugout”  ?

The first Bulgarian grassroots civic online radio is already a fact and the Ideas Factory was happy to help it start! We stepped in with trainings and seminars which the Dugout team affectionately called “Journalistic workshop”. Our aim was to prepare the team of the radio for the quality and the technical specifics of the radio transmission because civic journalists have opinions, but often lack radio experience.

You can hear us too on the radio in the Ideas Factory’s radio slot – every Thursday from 4pm


2012 began with a glorious achievement for the Ideas Factory – we opened our Ideas HUB to host civic groups, active and creative people, and grassroots communities, seeking and creating changes for a more sympathetic world. Since then “the nest” was extended to allow for the alighting of more public events, screenings, presentations, performances, meetings and other active formal and non-formal organizations. This is the place where we work and the place which we are happy to share – contact us to find out how! All this was made possible thanks to our invaluable friends from АСЕМ (Association for Building With Natural Materials) and their inspiration for natural materials – the walls in the Ideas HUB are made of clay and corncobs, sand and flour.

TEAM: Evgeni Monov, a pack of friends and 15 pairs of hands smeared with clay

WHEN: the beginning of 2012 and ongoing

WHERE: 1142 Sofia, 12 Professor Nikola Mihailov Street, La Casa Azzurra!

DONOR: Charles Stewartt Mott Foundation


Is a new project from the Ideas Factory, which will focus on the research of possible economic and social alternatives. Over the time you will notice different Re:think tags such as: Re:think city. Re:think education, Re:think economy. Any other suggestions for reconsideration?


Our idea was to stimulate a thought process in the urban environment about nature conservation and other stories through performances in the public space. It can be called “invisible theater”, theater of improvisation … a strongly Balkan project, which ended with a fest by the Ariana Lake and was the first publicity for “Let’s Save Irakli”The photo is from the action called “fishing”, in which 10 folks in yellow raincoats, with coolers and fishing chairs, sat down to fish at Eagles’ Bridge. Yeah … yeah … in that same channel that some boldly call Perlovska River. Boldly indeed!

OBJECTIVE: To some extent the goal was … to provoke, to shock and to evoke interest, without being afraid of the public space which we used as a stage.

TEAM: The Balkan style authors of this event were: Agnes Asodi (Novi Sad), Oana Munteanu (Timisoara), Katherine Neuman (Nuremberg) and me – Yanina Taneva from Sofia.

WHEN: 1 – 5 May 2006

WHERE: Sofia