Play Away! Our new year has started with Basic Synergy Training in Croatia.

“New year – new adventures!” – That’s what we told ourselves and ended up in Croatia! From the 6th to the 15th of January in maritime Rijeka, a part of our team took part in the project “Play Away!”. And we were not disappointed! The organizers from Syncro – Synergy Croatia had prepared one unforgettable experience for all 27 participants from 6 countries – Croatia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria.
We discussed topics, crafted, managed to unfold ourselves, created provocations, realized what we want and how to achieve it. We played with different theatre techniques and tried out new methods for self-expression. During the 10 intensive days we met colorful people from different cultures and most of all – we faced ourselves, with all fears and established stereotypes, which define our comfort zone. But what exactly happened – we can’ tell! We made a vow of silence : ) And we also don’t want to spoil the surprise, if you decide to try some Basic Synergy Training!

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