Privacy Policy

The current Privacy Policy provides information on how we, Ideas Factory Association, are collecting and processing your personal data, in such a way to to guarantee their protection and to respect the relevant legal requirements on national and EU level.

Personal Data and their processing

Personal data refers to all kinds of data or data combinations, which make you identifiable. This could be for instance your full name, identification number, signature, email (in case it provides information on your identity), address, location data, etc.

The processing of personal data includes every automatic or manual activity or combination of activities involving personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing, structuring, using, disseminating, disclosing by transmission, alternating, erasing, and etc.

Your personal data are protected by law according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Bulgarian Data Protection Law.

When, how and what kind of personal data do we process

We collect personal data of yours, which you share with us. This is data you provide when you:

  • Sign up for participation for and sign attendance lists during our initiatives, projects, meetings, trainings and events – online and offline; 
  • Talk to us face-to-face or over the phone;
  • Exchange emails or mails with us;
  • Subscribe for our monthly newsletter;
  • Submit your feedback online or offline;
  • Order a product or service in support of our causes – online, offline or by the phone.

This data could include your first name, family name, phone number, email, your organization or other type of information you have shared, your signature (in case of offline attendance lists), city of residence or full address (in case of product or service delivery).

We do not collect potentially sensitive private information about your race, ethnicity, religion, union membership, sexuality, medical condition, biometric data, etc., nor information about criminal convictions and proceedings.

Why do we need to collect your personal data 

We collect, store and use personal data in order to achieve the legitimate goals related to our activity as an organisation. The purposes relevant for the current Privacy Policy are:

  • Purposes, related to the implementation and reporting of initiatives, projects, trainings, joint activities, work visits, provision of information, and others;
  • Purposes, related to the products and services we are providing in support of our causes;
  • Purposes, for which you have given your immediate consent (e.g. newsletter, interviews, etc.);
  • Purposes, required for the regulatory compliance of the association.

Provision of personal data to third parties

We might provide personal data to:

  • Financing institutions, when the activities you have participated in are part of projects or programmes, which have received grant funding. In this case we process data for reporting purposes according to the respective requirements, and declare the types and conditions of personal data processing in advance. In most cases the documents required by funding bodies are restricted to copies of attendance lists and event pictures; 
  • Partners, with whom we perform activities such as trainings and events, for the purpose of activity implementation and reporting. The data is the one provided by you upon signup and in attendance lists;
  • Subcontractors in the case such are needed for the delivery of our product or service you have ordered, e.g. courier service providers, hotels, in which the accommodation for certain trainings and initiatives will take place, etc.;
  • Accountants, lawyers and other persons specialised in the personal data processing, as far as personal data is required for the fulfillment of their functions;
  • State bodies and controlling institutions upon their request, in case such data is required in order to meet specific regulations.

Your Rights

Your rights regarding our privacy policy are:

1. Right to information; 

2. Right to access; 

3. Right to update; 

4. Right to erasure; 

5. Right of restriction; 

6. Right of data portability; 

7. Right to object.


If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or you like to apply any of your specific rights (e.g. to access, change or delete your personal data stored by us), you can contact is by email at:, over the phone: +359 877 597 930, or by post: Sofia 1142, 12 “Prof. Nikola Mihaylov” Str.