NetworkSocial change is possible only when small neural networks of people, who are daring to dream and to carry out their ideas, become part of and create more and bigger networks of the same kind. This is the only way for ideas to grow on a large scale and for us to have a chance to see our world changed for the better.

The network of Ideas Factory is our most valuable resource – it includes all those that have gone through our trainings or have been involved in our projects; it also includes ideas or just unique people who are willing and able, and who are already changing things around them. You can become part of our network and attend our events by daring to “become a member” of Ideas Factory.
Our Networking events create a space for interaction between groups that usually don’t get to meet each other. Thus people who are crazy about facts (scientists, researchers, activists) meet people crazy about communication and various forms of expression (designers, journalists, artists, marketing specialists, directors, animators) and together they create unique public campaigns and social innovations, they change something or they just meet and have a chat over a glass of wine!


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