Ideas Factory hosted a meeting of the South East European Youth Network (SEEYN). Apart from creating pleasant conditions for sharing Albanian Skanderbeg Cognac and Serbian “lozovaca”, the meeting made three things clear:

First – almost all of the participants in the Balkan Network have managed to establish volunteer or youth cultural center. Why hasn’t this happened in Bulgaria, as it has in Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia?

Second – European funding needs democratization for countries like ours, where youth organizations don’t have the administrative and financial capacity to comply with the current requirements such as “EUR 300 000 personal contribution” (Yeah, right!).

Oh, and third – Prici srbski da te bio celi svijat razumje!

Otherwise, our participation in the network is an extremely valuable resource for all those within the network of the Factory that have the opportunity to travel around the Balkans and receive training in various topics. We will gladly direct you towards awesome organizations for quality volunteering throughout the PeninsulA.

WHEN: 07 – 09.12.2012

WHERE: Plovdiv