Ideas Factory is proud of its people – each one with vast experience in dealing with the empowerment of groups and individuals in a process-oriented work.
The formats and approaches that we use are the most successful combination of the efficiency of the business and the heart of the civil sector, many of them are our own inventions with an efficacy that is proving itself and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else in the country and many of them not even in Europe.

The social enterprise that we created, and whose revenues support our other activities, offers its services to organizations and people who are changing our world for the better; we choose who we work with and then building on the basis of shared values, we can:

[list class=’bullet-add’] [li]Facilitate strategic and creative meetings;[/li][li]Moderate and design events and projects related to social change and social entrepreneurship; [/li][li]Consult in the field of advocacy, media and strategic communications for social change;[/li][li]Train your team with created by us, unique panels for Thinking in systems, U-Turn, Creativity for social change, etc.; [/li][li]Empower large groups of people to make qualitative decisions for minimum time in a qualitative process and with a qualitative outcome; [/li][li]Community building and working with communities; [/li][li]Start a social enterprise, initiative, organization;[/li][li]Human-oriented project-design; [/li][li] Communications for Social Change;[/li][li]Consulting CSR strategies[/li][li]Leadership for social change and more.[/li] [/list]

If you have a specific need, but we have not defined it here, we will be glad to hear from you;
The revenues from our economic activities are dedicated 100% to support the mission of Ideas Factory and our work with young people in schools, and to support civil society organizations;