Ideas Factory’s team is a colorful mix of personalities, united around the idea to inspire, through spontaneity and play, personal development in the context of social change.

Yanina Taneva

Yanina Taneva

The trust in the power of the “problem environment” to be an incubator for unique social innovation is the air that I breathe and the water that I swim in. I’m probably addicted to the radical thesis that the course of our human evolution depends on the unleashing of the creative potential. And maybe now is the exact time to redefine the word “development” and to orient it towards human happiness. I work as a “catalyst” and a „fuel” for small ideas and imaginative people with extraordinary potential for social change. I’m a strategic communicator by profession, a lover of shared visions, lecturer, trainer, blogger and traveler. Co-founder of Ideas Factory, as well as others similar crazies like the Time Shop and Changemakers Academy. In my pocket I always wear … a red clown nose.

Zornitsa Bazlyankova


I’d describe myself as a harmonious mix of contradictory qualities. I cherish calmness, but action, interaction and constant development are vital for my well-being. I could quietly analyze and make plans, but I have to share and manifest them at the end of the day. I know what’s right for me, but I value the meaning behind others’ perspectives. And pink glasses I choose to wear only to see what the world could be even though this is not its’ current state.
When it comes to Ideas Factory, I’ve no doubts – I’m with them because I like to see again and again in practice how the common will, inspiration and efforts bring winged ideas to reality. These ideas create new realities.
My humble contribution is as a mentoring force on topics such as business, advices on realistic planning and positive energy.

Yoana Stoyanova

Yoana Stoyanova

In a glimpse of an eye I was blown through all Ideas Factory’s stages of development.
Starting with a flustered interview for internship in 2013, still stuck in my mind to the belief that every positive change I want to achieve have to be one-man show, I went through a volunteering period, then a month as a participant in Baba Residence in 2015 and after that – as a part of the core team.
What I learnt for sure after all these stages, is that every community change has to be cooperative, human-faced and requested by many – we all have an important spark to add to it.
I have a bachelor degree of Cultural Studies at Sofia university. At The factory my main responsibility is communication – mainly online, translations, copywriter enchantment and creation of all the texts that are related to our formats.
“Outside” Ideas Factory, I love to travel, to absorb others’ perspective of what is meaningful, long-lasting deep conversations and poetry.

Militsa Dzhandzhova


I came along Ideas Factory through Granny Residence and the love towards folklore and traditions. This is my newest challenge, which let me bring my creativity, ideas and meeting new and interesting people.
I believe in the beautiful future of our country and I am happy to work side by side with motivated changemakers, who realize the social change through creativity.
My education is technical, but my heart is fulfilled by art and social innovations. I have previous experience in logistics, packing design, arrangements, photography and traditional dances.
I believe man has unlimited possibilities to create his own perfect world exactly where he is, here and now. My place is Bulgaria!


We are open! Be one of us.

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