Our „unifying“ initiatives

The teambuildings are 1 or 2-day experiences in urban or rural environment, based on our formats Baba Residence and Social Innovation Challenge.
They’re an unique and fun mixture that combine voluneering and social responsibility – that bind the team together and develop additional humane skills.

During the teambuilding the team members have an opportunity to know each other better in an unusual context outside their working environment – to work equally side by side and to solve real problems. In addition, they acquire knowledge and skills on design thinking and on innovative approaches towards problem-solving and field work.
They unfold their creativity, build things with their own hands and communicate with local people authentically with no preparation or prejudices. Besides having a huge amount of fun, the team members do useful things for the local community and the village/ town. Depending on the goal of the organisation/ company the teambuilding could be organised either in a village or a town.
If there’s a willingness for further development, this gamified experience could be reflected as a profound team-work trial, analysis of the behaviours during it that provides a chance for valuable feedback to one another. The team members draw important observations for their own behaviour during team work too and they could continue upgrading their skils and blunders in the long-term.

The income from these teambuildings is 100% invested in the maintaing of the mission of Ideas Factory and its formats. Part of the income from Baba Residence teambuildings goes to the elderly involved in the expereince.