The world avant-garde of social innovation arrives for EMPATHEAST

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you … EMPATHEAST!

From 14th till 16th of November in Plovdiv “Ideas Factory” Association organizes the first Forum for Social Change through empathy and open education in Eastern Europe.

In order to put Bulgaria on the map of social innovation and to stimulate the collective intelligence and systems thinking, Empatheast provokes creativity for social change with lectures, installations, games and performances by some of the most daring visionaries in the field.

We would like also to brag with our guest speakers: Miha Pogacnik (Vienna / Ljubljana), Patricia Munro (New York / Munich), Jason Nardi (NY / Bologna), Jeffrey Beeson (Panama / Munich), Ralph Böhlke (Brussels / Berlin), Agota Ruzsa (Budapest), Filka Sekulova (Barcelona / Sofia), Diana Dimitrova (Hamburg), Guus Geisen (Amsterdam) and the initiatives “Good bag” (Belgrade) and KartofelKombinat (Bavaria).

As a part of the preparation for EMPATHEAST we challenge you to show how art becomes a tool for change and communication of the meaning of the word Empathy with our Art Innovation Challenge! The challenge which will send you to an unexpected location in Plovdiv, to create a performance, installation, exhibition, action, game, intervention in urban area, that show how a maximum number of people can participate in the creation of a shared vision for the minimum time, stimulating collective intelligence in the city and their communities.

The access to the forum will be on a “Pay as you wish” principle where everybodywill be able to decide how much to pay compared to the feeling and the knowledge that he accumulated during the forum

The seats are limited, so hurry up, register and find us on Facebook!

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