Our experience and expertise

• Trainings and consultations on design thinking and human-centered design
• Implementation of well-established original methods for facilitating creative discussions, quality decision-making and unifying group experiences such as World café, Creative drink, EmpathЕАТ, Urban mapping, Social lean canvas
• Development and execution of projects and initiatives related to social entrepreneurship
• Trainings and discussions on U-Turn theory and the instruments for social change it provides
• Workshops for unfolding the personal creative potential and how to use it for socially relevant issues
• Soft skills and group dynamics trainings – how to presents yourself, your ideas and products authentically and successfully; how to be an efficient communicator; how to operate with change, stress, your personal time and projects; how to deal with conflicts in a mindful way. Which step (or turn) could best fit your career development?
• Design of events, related to social change
• Original formats and initiatives, developed by Ideas Factory through the years, which could fulfil CSR strategies with deeper meaning and impact
• Facilitation of strategic and creative meetings
• On-field work with diverse local communities and groups in risk of social exclusion