SOCIAL INNOVATION CATALYSER: Last moment Social Innovation Challenge at betahaus Sofia

You’re well aware that you can register for Social Innovation Challenge until the 8th of April! This is a pioneer format of Ideas Factory which combines 3-day trip in an unknown location with a mission for social change.

We expect you on the 9th of April at betahaus Sofia so we can answer questions such as: How can we make the social innovations a common occupation with high results and to have fun at the same time?

Check here who will help you define a solution during the challenge days while going through topics like Human Centered Design, Challenged based learning, Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking!

This will be your last chance to join The Challenge and the only offline one!

See you on the 9th of April, 18.30 h at betahaus.

Ideas Factory challenges you with Social Innovation Challenge 2014

Enthusiasm, good ideas, a bagpack, 3 free days in April, irrational amount of urge to make good ideas materialize, at least 2 friends to form a team and… YOU, of course!
This is the new Ideas Factory’ challenge – Social Innovation Challenge!

On the 15th of April all of the teams will leave to 5 different locations in Bulgaria at the same time. Each team will have exactly 3 days to decipher and identify a social challenge and after that it will have to formulate an innovative “glocal” solution which will be presented in front of the local authority, business and citizen. All of these will think together of opportunity for its realization.

Three of the teams which manage to formulate the most applicable, sustainable and innovative ideas will win a grant for participation in the upcoming Academy for a social change. They will have the chance to experience the benefit of communicating with world famous mentors in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation who will come to Bulgaria in November for Empatheast glocalizer.

If you have the guts, register your team until 8th of April at