In June, the 2011 in Sofia the spirit of Irakli settled at the place of

the Mausoleum through architect Silvia Aytova’s diploma project called UTOPIA BOX – an idea conceived together with Ideas Factory. The pavilion unfolded like a lifeguard’s tower for our utopias and a real space for the otherwise invisible fantasies about another possible world. The project was inspired by the possible alternatives to further constructions on our Black Sea coast and the specific plans for Irakli and Emona. It arranged for a utopian and at the same time very real journey into the world of eco-friendly architecture, ecological building and inspired art. UTOPIA BOX transferred one reality to a different place in order to provoke the public to be a participant. The pavilion opened and area for debates under the “roof” of the spirit of Irakli that had materialized at the place of the Mausoleum in a symbolic lifeguard tower and magical space where its function in the interaction with people was co-creation of new realities. The project is also part of the Factory’s efforts to create and participate in the creation of tools for “public visioning”.

TEAM : The creation of the space around the pavilion is a joint project of architect Silvia Aytova, civil group “Let’s Save Irakli” and the “Ideas Factory” Association.

WHEN: 5, 6 and 7 June 2011

WHERE: The location of the Mausoleum in Sofia