What we offer

Ideas Factory is proud of its people – each with huge experience in the work with empowering groups and people in the process-oriented work.

The formats and the approaches that we use are the most successful combination of the effectiveness of business and the heart of the civil sector – many of them are our own unique inventions with a proven efficacy.

The social enterprise that we created and whose income support our other activities, offers its services for organizations and people, changing the world to a better place.
We chose with whom to work and based on mutual values we can:

  • Facilitate strategic and cretive meetings;
  • Moderate and create design for events and projects, related to social change and social entrepreneurship;
  • Consult in the area of advocacy, media and strategic communications for social change;
  • Train your team with unique panels that we have developed for network thinkin, U-Turn, Creativity for social change etc;
  • Empowering big groups of people to make quality decisions for minimum amount of time in a quality process and with quality results;
  • Community building and community work;
  • Starting a social enterprise, intiative, organization;
  • Human-oriented project design;
  • Communications for social change;
  • Consult CSR strategies;
  • Leadership for social change etc.

If you have a specific need but we have not defined it here, we would be glad if you contact us.

The income from our economic activity is 100% devoted to supporting the Ideas Factory’s mission and our work at schools, with youth and civic organizations.

Our space

At ul. Prof. Nikola Mihaylov 12 one can discover a space for creating meetings with changemaking potential and various cultural meetings such as screenings and discussions, famous as simply “The Factory” among our friends. It exists by virtue of more than 10 volunteers and tens of kilograms of clay, which you will find as a natural wall coat. Oh and our colorful raspberry backyard is officially our summer office :)

The Factory grows, breaths and expands in its soul, skills and keeps developing its network of humane changemakers. Besides that, we would like to share our little home for meaniningful events more often, supporting the maintenance of the space financially.


🚀 Cultural events (screenings, readings, workshops, discussions)

🎲 Trainings (up to 25 people)

✌ Seminars, presentations, and lections (up to 25 people)

🎉 Birthdays (up to 35 people)

Available are 2 rooms (each 15 sq. m) which can turn into one space, a kitchen, a bathroom and a backyard. A projector, a sound system, a computer and writing boards too. In the kitchen, there is an oven, a fridge, and utensils.