Youth Exchange “EUROMED CHALLENGE: be a change maker!”

While we are soaking wet and shivering thanks to the rain outside, our envoys visited the enchanting Portuguese town Amarante. No, they were not on vacation. “Ideas Factory” is a proud partner in the project “EUROMED CHALLENGE: be a change maker!“, which was held from 15th to 23rd of October. 24 players, 4 countries, young people between 18 and 25 years – how does it sound?

The project aims to promote the values of solidarity, mutual understanding and peace-building through informal educational methods related to human rights. Using music as an essential tool theteam stimulates the artistic spirit, imagination, improvisation and creativity through challenges in the young people.

Here is what the leader of the Bulgarian group Lina shared: “We are recording a song, shooting a video and preparing aflashmob. The rest of the time is for role plays and discussions, conducting surveys among the local population. The theme of all these are the Human rights. The pleasant surprise is that we all think the same way, regardless of colour, religion, etc. So the cultural clash is lacking so to say. We even understand each other very well and all are great!”

Ah, Amarante, Amarante …

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