“Social innovations are created when we declare that we do not hold the answers to fundamental questions and find the courage and strength to look for them – embarking on a journey where we make new models of relationships between individuals, groups and communities. And there is no universal solution, only local solutions defined by the specific context.”

From the Manifest of Ideas Factory

Are you ready?

The Social innovation CHALLENGE is a 4-day format, that will prove that YOU could turn the wheel of change!


  • a game, because while playing we are we are free to discover, create and change!
  • a mission, because every cause gives us meaning and vision for the future!
  • a meeting of like-minded, creative and proactive people

How does it work?

Gather a team and find a solution to the challenge in Vratsa, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora!

Read more about the stages here.


is a voluntary union of minimum two persons, ready to work together during the days and for the goals of the Challenge. The people in the team are distinguished by their bright mind and free soul, creativity and consistency and are irreconcilable with the lack of alternatives!


is a social community problem, that has the potential to provoke the creative thinking of the participants and to generate solutions by the people for the people.


is an assistant that motivates the teams with advice and assistance during the adventure. He stimulates the creative thinking, encourages the formation of high-quality ideas, protects the collective spirit.


is affecting a need that people recognize as an urgent one, it is based on information gathered by a maximum number of sources, connects existing resources, leads to achievable and sustainable results

The impact so far

Completed missions
Presented ideas
Supported ideas

Ideas' Bank


End of registration! Social missions – received! What’s next?

The Social innovation challenge’s inception is now visible as the participants have registered – 43 inspired teams from Sofia, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Ruse and Burgas, 134 challenged changemakers from quite various backgrounds and professions and a handful of missions (well, 43).

In the evening of 25 September each team received its mission! Now the embarking on the shiny and dank depths of the game is at hand.

The complete schedule of Social innovation challenge 2015 is:

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Here we come! To tell you more about the adventure…

How can the investment of your own time and vigor into socially significant problem be success for both your personal growth and for the community’s development? Is it possible to repair the system while playing?

You can discover the answers of these questions  through the most adventurous project of Ideas Factory Association – The social innovation challenge! This year it will start on the 25th of September in Burgas, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Ruse and Sofia.

Come and meet the Ideas Factory ambassadors, look backstage of the Challenge and register a team! If you still haven’t 😉

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Inspirational ideas with scholarships for the Changemaker’s Academy 2014

Among so many creative teams and good ideas in the first edition of the Social innovation challenge, both Ideas Factory and the jury couldn’t pick only THREE teams…  We chose TWELVE of them instead, six of which will receive full scholarship for the upcoming Changemaker’s Academy. All of you who were on 15.05 in betahaus Sofia had the chance to be introduced to the coolest ideas of the teams Shturkel (Sofia), Druzhina (Plovdiv), Bosonogite (Burgas), Sgovorna druzhina (Burgas), Asimilirai! (Stara Zagora) and Vratsa software (Vratsa).

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