Assimilate! (Asimilirai!)

SolutionRe-Vive – the project is oriented into:

– the unique natural environment of the region

– the qualification and skills of local people and the possibilities of their improvement

– the uncultivated lands, however rich

– the common problem in Bulgaria about deforestation

– the realization of young specialists and the gaining of initial internship – foresters, agronoms, people, engaged with bio-farming.

Category – Youth employment and engagement; Nature and urban environment; Breaking the cycle of poverty

Current information about the project – If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts above.


– Dimo Stefanov (26)

– Nadezhda Gospodinova (28)

– Eli Statkova

Challenge – Huge part of village Orjahovitza’s inhabitants don’t have jobs and food. What can you do in order to improve the social and economical condition of the people there?

Region– Orjahovitza village, municipality Stara Zagora

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