Company (Druzhina)

SolutionGround notes – to create a distinct label “Zemni noti” (Ground notes), which is a social enterprise engaged with music gardening; it has both therapeutic effect and marketing outcome. The aim is to integrate into society people with mental health problems and intellectual disabilities from living center “St. George “, Plovdiv.

The project is divided into 3 stages depending on the scale:

1.Planting germs, while listening to music and participation in product eco-music festivals

2.Community horticulture and floriculture

3.Musical garden – maintenance of the center.

Category – Youth employment and engagement

Current information about the project – Searching for opportunities to develop business for the sale of seedlings, where the funds will go to the maintenance of the center “Saint Georgi”.  However, the project needs starting finance and and the greenhouse needs repair.

If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts.


– Irena Devedzhieva (34)

– Svetla Georgieva (33)

– Kostadin Georgiev (32)

Challenge – How to create a social enterprise, which integrates people with mental disorders and intellectual difficulties from “Saint Georgi” Center in the society?

Place – Plovdiv

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