Name of the project: Good landlord

Development of innovative business platform for demising of state property and concession. The aim is the state real estates to reach the market prices by informing the business about the current rental contracts and deadlines, as well as the dates of the auctions organized by municipalities for rental of the terrains! The expected rental growth is over 500%!

The platform will be self-financing through an embedded functional innovation for work with individuals and real estate brokers, not only for renting but also for selling and purchasing. The innovation has no analogue in the world and has the potential to globalize the whole industry associated with brokering of real estate. I am a broker myself and an employer for 18 years and I know very well what to do to turn this social idea into a financially attractive prospect!

Category – Transparency and anti-corruprtion

‣ Current information about the projectwww.moneyofthefuture.com/bg.html

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Luibomir Stankov (35)

Challenge – How to empower the small owners and to change the monopoly? What solutions could they offer?

Region – Sofia

‣ Contacts allximika@gmail.com

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