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Name of the project: Game of success

Our idea will look like a gaming mobile application through which young people can be informed about the types of jobs and careers by playing. An important focus of our project is to give knowledge to young people about the jobs that are not currently so attractive and modern, but still needed to society and innovative ones that have yet to be developed. We chose the game as a way to present career information in order to make the acquaintance with various jobs more easy and intuitive. At the moment our team is looking for supporters for the idea.

Category – Youth employment

Current information about the project – If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts above.


Denitsa Koleva (25)

Verina Lefterova (25)

Challenge Promoting the awareness of employment – helping children and young people to make informed career choice through playing.

Region – Sofia

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