The workshop 2.0 (Rabotylnicata 2.0)

Name of the project: Workshops on wheels

The idea of ​​the project is the creation of a mobile craft workshops consisting of the equipment of small vans with work tools and folding racks for presenting and selling of items. The fact that workshops are mobile will not only contribute to creating a fair environment for work, sales and communication, but will also enable the craft masters to “come out” of the neighborhoods, to expand the area and the markets and to show what they are capable of. The mobility and the ability to produce “on the spot” and to show the working process at different markets, crafts festivals and other public places will help establishing contacts with more people, exchanging ideas and mutual understanding.

Category – Education, Working with communities

Current information about the project – If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts above.


Svetlin Peev (33)

Challenge Support and development of crafts in Bulgaria and especially in communities with predominantly marginalized and high unemployed population.

Region – Plovdiv

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