Stork (Shturkel)

Solution – Liylin’s beating heart – improvement of the space in the neighborhood and creating Professions Pavilion  + Playground for contemporary urban culture + Stage and playground for children

Category – Access to culture; Youth employment and engagement; Environment and urban environment;

Current information about the project – So far we have conducted three major initiatives in Liulin:

  1. World Cafe for Lyulin – in June 2014 we gathered over 20 representatives from business, NGOs and the municipality to discuss possible solutions to the most pressing problems of Lyulin. Participants generated many ideas, 3 of which were selected for future development.
  2. Reviving the “Heart of Lyulin” – in July 2014 we gathered over 30 volunteers from Lyulin, who worked on mowing, cleaning and refreshing the vast meadow in the “Heart of Lyulin”. We built several lounges, table and chairs from materials at hand. The result of our work was, that it became nice place, where one can spend free time.
  3. Project for the children of Lyulin – at the beginning of November 2014 we lead a project in 40th school of Lyulin, which was attended by over 150 children. Through discussions, instructive games and sports, the children decided that they wanted to live nicer Lyulin without plastic junk.

If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts.


– Momchil Blaskov (24),

– Nikolay Cvetkov (24),

– Martina Stoyanova (25)

Challenge – Mission Lya-o-lyn

Place – Sofia, district Lyulin

Contacts –

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