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Name of the project: Thermal-normal

As it became clear the problem with the use of mineral water resources in Sofia and preventing the deterioration of the thermal baths, in particular that in Ovcha Kupel, is very, very deep and not easily solved. Our goal is at least to slightly open the door and meet the community with the problem to touch people with knowledge of it as much as possible. For the purpose we will come with a series of provocations, shares and installations in key locations that do not leave the citizens of Sofia indifferent on the subject.

Category – Circumambience and urban environment

Current information about the project – If you want to find out more about the project or to support it, contact the team at the contacts above.


Nadezhda Sucheva
Petko Georgiev
Velin Daskalov
Mariya Hinkova

Challenge – Bringing the mineral baths of Sofia and their building fund back into our life

Region – Sofia

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